User Guide


Buying or Selling of e-currency on TopUpGold is easy, simple and straight forward, follow the steps below to get started.


1. Click the "Register" button at the top of the home page, fill out the registration form with your details.

2. After you have registered successfully, login to your account.

3. Click Buy E-currency tab on the MENU bar, fill the order form and Send.

4. You will see our bank account details on the next page that will open, you will also receive an automated e-mail that contains our selected Bank Details and further necessary INSTRUCTIONS.

5. Follow the INSTRUCTIONS as written on the page or e-mail and make deposit to our Bank Account.

6. After you have made deposit to our Bank Account, login to your account again and click on "Transfer" tab, select PAID from the MARK STATUS options. A form will appear, Enter the Teller Number and Depositor Name in the form and MARK.

7. You are done.

8. Your e-currency account will be credited INSTANTLY immediately we confirm your payment.

Note 1: We accept only CASH DEPOSIT, INTERNET BANKING and MOBILE APP BANKING TRANSFER. if you're paying using internet banking or mobile banking app, you're to state the means used and the bank name on "Transaction id/teller number" and write your bank account name on Depositor name/account then click Mark.


Transaction id/teller number: Internet banking from Access Bank

Depositor name/account: Michael Chukwu.

Note 2:  Using internet banking or mobile app banking, in the remark write ONLY your TopUpGold transaction ID, do not write any other thing (like bitcoin, perfect money, skrill etc) to avoid bank issues and us not acknowledging your payment.


Remark: ID: TUG ID: 3987

Important: We do not accept ATM machine fund transfer, USSD (Bank Transfer Code), POS and QuickTeller.



The term "e-currency account number" means the following;

1. Perfect Money U account e.g U4057462

2. Skrill/Neteller account e-mail address e.g

3. WebMoney Z purse e.g Z012345245862

4. Bitcoin Wallet Address e.g 1NodbAxJuyw26KD8cDZPa3W2qwWXUFqGV5

5) Paypal:


The term "e-currency account name" means the following;

1. Perfect Money account name e.g TopUpGold

2. Skrill/Neteller account name e.g Michael Goodluck

3. WebMoney username e.g TopUpGold

5. Bitcoin wallet provider e.g Electrum, Blockchain, Mycelium  etc



1. Login to your account.

2. Click Sell E-currency tab on the MENU bar, fill the order form and Send.

3. Your Sell Order request will be on Awaiting status pending our approval.

4. When we approved your Sell Order, you will receive an automated e-mail or SMS notification.

5. Immediately you receive the approval notification via e-mail or SMS, login to your account, click on Transactions then click on "Transfer" status of the said transaction you initiated.

6. Our account details will appear, go to your e-currency account and transfer the money in our account.

7. When you have successfully completed the transfer , login to your account again, click on "Transfer" tab, select PAID from MARK STATUS options. A form will appear, Enter the transaction Batch Number/Hash code  and Account Number/Wallet address in the form and MARK

Note: For Bitcoin, you must provide us with the transaction hash code/TXID on the Transaction ID/Teller Number field before you submit.

For Skrill and Neteller  - We only buy from customers whose bank account name is same with their e-wallet account name. Please do not place an order if your e-wallet account name is not on your real name.


When you want to send funds and have it reach the receiver faster, take these steps:

1. Ensure you are sending a confirmed bitcoin.

2. Login to your Blockchain account.

3. Click on Send button.

4. When it open, you will see Transaction Fee

5. Select 'Priority' from the drop down, fill in the other fields and send.

With the above steps, getting confirmation will be faster, same with getting Naira value paid to your bank account.


If you have any question kindly call (+234) 0806-498-8945 | 080-9226-0950 or email:


Thank you for choosing